National Audit Office (NAO) supports need to measure improvements

The National Audit Office (NAO) have today issued a report critical of Green Deal and ECO for not being "good value for money" for government; what it fails to state is that it wasn't good  value for most of the Assessors Organisation's and Advisors that did their best to make it a success either.

As long ago as September 2015,  Elmhurst described what we believed to be the key changes that needed to be made to Green Deal (see previous Green Deal article here). Whilst our views on Deemed Scoring (for ECO) have also been widely reported (see previous ECO article here). We hope that the Government will soon announce its intentions for a "pay as you save" model as this  required if we as a nation are to get to any of our signed up climate and energy targets.

In summary the report recommends that DECC  should:

  1. Be clear about the purpose of schemes from the outset, setting realistic priorities and clear success criteria.
  2. Understand and plan for how the desired outcomes will be delivered in practice.;
  3. Ensure it has sufficient information to track progress of the schemes towards each of its desired outcomes.; and
  4. Consider the long-term impact of its decisions on the overall progress towards increasing household energy efficiency.

In our view the one overriding thread to all these recommendation is 'measurement'; measure the start point and measure the improvement. Deemed Scores may be attractive to implement but they can only ever be a crude approximation. RdSAP is the only proven method of measuring the energy efficient of domestic properties and needs to be central to every government initiative. Not to stand in the way or interrupt the policy; but to ensure that success can be measured and long term strategies such as ending fuel poverty, minimum energy standards, using less energy as a nation can be  achieved.

Whilst we now take some time to digest the rest of the 193 page report you may wish to read the report yourself, and draw your own conclusion about what needs to be done better next time.

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