My time at Elmhurst

Hello, my name is Owen. I’m 17 and an A-Level student doing a week work experience at Elmhurst Energy to get a greater understanding of how a business functions on a day to day basis.

I started the week of by meeting Caroline (the HR manager) who introduced me to Elmhurst and what they do. Then she proceeded to give me a tour of the office and the various departments explaining their roles in Elmhurst and introducing me to key people making me feel very welcome. I was then introduced to the sales and marketing team who gave me a further insight into what they do before joining them for numerous sales meetings - which they seem to have a lot of - to give me an further insight into the products Elmhurst offer.

I spent Tuesday morning exploring the Elmhurst website and finding improvements they could make to further improve the customer experience. I spent the afternoon at the apprenticeship open day that Elmhurst was holding, where I greeted the candidates and took them upstairs up to meet with Caroline. Once they had all arrived I went upstairs to sit in at the back myself- not knowing the most about apprenticeships beforehand. I found the information to be very well explained and clearly presented, and was surprised to have both the chairman and Managing Director sitting in and talking to introduce us to the company.

We were then given a tour of the two different departments (customer service and administration) the apprenticeships were available in with the customer service managers and the administration team. They were very friendly and informative, answering all the questions asked before going back up to the meeting room for a final presentation about the apprenticeships which made me more aware of where an apprenticeship can take you.

At the end we were given the opportunity to talk to the Managing Director and a few other managers to discuss about what we had heard throughout the day. Overall I would say the experience presented Elmhurst as having a very friendly work environment which is what caused the candidates to be interested in a career here as none of them had been interested in a career in energy beforehand.

On Wednesday I spent the morning writing up my notes on the website improvements and feeding them back to the team I then spent the afternoon reviewing Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, recreating some Elmhurst marketing emails to see which one was easier to use and gave a better result. I found developing marketing material very enjoyable to do so I think I will have a further look into sales and marketing.

On Thursday morning I was with the finance department learning about how to use the software and the various tasks they do on a daily basis, including imputing data into the system and changing account details such as addresses that were incorrect as well as setting up direct debit. It was very interesting to learn about however not something I think I would be interested in entering a career in.

So I escaped back downstairs to sales and marketing which has definitely being my favourite part, however I do lean more towards sales due to the increased interaction with people and my slight lack of creativity and lack of Photoshop skills.

Article published 6th February 2020

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