Murder in the House

It’s behind you! The boiler, that is. But there’s no shortage of spooky stories from DEAs conducting assessments. One such story occurred when Carol was called to do an EPC on a standard property in Northampton. Or so she thought…

I used to do a lot of EPCs for social housing in Northampton, and as the years progressed I got to know the people who worked there quite well. There was one team in particular, the Voids team, who I would see quite a lot because each time a tenancy came to an end, they would repaint the property and replace anything before the next tenants moved in. 

This team were a boisterous lot and we had a lot of banter together - but not today. In fact when I arrived to carry out the EPC, there was an eerie stillness that seemed to surround the house. I just wanted to get out of there, to be honest. Anyway, I started carrying out the assessment and getting my pictures together for evidence, until finally I had one room left to do. The kitchen.

When I opened the door I saw the Voids team, but instead of the usual banter and carry on, they were stood in a circle staring at the ground. I followed their gaze to a large red stain in the middle of the floor and immediately I knew it was blood. It turns out that the council was re-letting the house because the woman who had lived there had been murdered by her husband, and the Voids team were here to replace the floor.

I’m not sure what effect a murder has on an EPC but I doubt it’s in the conventions.

Article Published: 26th October 2018

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