MEES in Scotland on the Horizon?

With the release of Scottish Government's most recent consultation we may now have a clearer picture of what Minimum energy efficiency standards in Scotland could look like and when we can expect the standards to be introduced.

The Energy Efficient Scotland consultation highlights the government's intention to bring forward the timeframes for delivering energy efficiency standards within all properties in Scotland, with the consultation itself seeking evidence to support these changes.

One such area that is affected by this change is minimum energy efficiency standards within Scotland's Private Rented Sector (PRS), something which is already established in England and Wales. This consultation confirms that the government are now preparing the legislative components for PRS Energy Efficiency Standards, with the intention to bring forward regulations this Autumn that would require landlords in the private rented sector to meet minimum EPC standards from April 2020. 

This would begin with a minimum standard of EPC band E from 1 April 2020, which would then progress to EPC band D from 1 April 2022, and landlords would need to ensure that these standards are met at a change of tenancy. The regulations would also introduce a cost cap of £5,000 for any required works needed for a property to meet the required EPC banding, as well as civil fines for non-compliance. 

Minimum energy efficiency standards- consultation questions

The consultation asks three questions relating to PRS Minimum energy efficiency standards:

1. What are your views on using the change of tenancy as a trigger to require the increased standard?

2. What are your views on using 1 April 2025 as the date to start applying the minimum standard of C when there is a change of tenancy

3. With regards to providing a useful tool to landlords planning and executing improvement works, what are your views on basing any cap of required works on a definition of cost-effectiveness and technical feasibility?

You can respond to these questions here

What next?

Elmhurst's Stuart Fairlie comments that "Although no official MEES regulations have been released in Scotland, the intention from Scottish Government to speed up its introduction is clear. The government have stated within the consultation that draft regulations and guidance will be published for consultation sometime in May 2019 with an aim to to have the full regulations released in the Autumn. Either way we remain confident that the introduction of these important standards is just round the corner."

Elmhurst plan to keep its members and other energy professionals updated through it's MEES in Scotland webpage which aims to provide all the latest information about Energy Efficiency Standards in Scotland. The page will also be updated in accordance with the latest announcements and releases from Scottish Government.

MEES in Scotland resource page:

Energy Efficient Scotland – Consultation:

Article Published: 9th April 2019

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