Media report of house sale slump is not a true reflection

The BBC and other media outlets were quick to report a "property sales dive" for April 2016, blaming changes in buy-to-let tax legislation for a disappointing 84,280 sales (14.5% lower than the same month last year).

However delving beneath the headlines you will see that there is no reason to panic as April's results came off the back of an outstanding March where sales peaked at 153,700. In fact if you compare March - April 2015 (at 189890) with March to April 2016 (at 237890) you will see that the year on year house sales have actually risen by 12.5%.

There is a belief that the forthcoming EU referendum is causing some home buyers to hold back on making a decision but Elmhurst believe that after June 23rd, whatever the outcome, demand for houses will rise rapidly.

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