Knock Knock...

DEA Jo finds herself trapped with nowhere to run. 

A few years ago I was asked by an estate agents to conduct an EPC on a house they were selling. It was a really nice detached property, in the middle of nowhere, with this long pebble drive and a beautiful oak door...

The house was vacant so I let myself in and locked the door behind me as a precaution. After going around this property for half an hour I heard a noise, only it started getting louder; it was the sound of big, heavy footsteps making their way up the drive, getting closer and closer until they got to the door - and tried to open it. This person then tries a key in the lock, but to no avail, and they’re really going for it, wrenching the door and giving it a shoulder barge- but it wasn't budging because I’d locked it.

It was 4pm in the middle of winter and darkness was fast descending. I was too scared to go to the window and look, so I went into one of the rooms at the back of the house to call the estate agents, only to realise I’d left their number in the car and my phone was nearly out of battery!

This was the late 2000s so internet on your phone wasn’t really a thing and of course the landline had been disconnected. I had to scroll through my contacts, thinking of someone to call who wasn’t at work, until eventually I got through to a friend who called the estate agent.

Just as I answered the call from them, I heard a massive thump and approaching footsteps at the back door. I hadn’t locked that one. Again, I heard a key turn in the lock, only this time the door opened!

As I’m on the phone to the estate agent, talking in panicked hushed tones, it’s revealed that there was another estate agent letting out the property - and the mysterious intruder is in fact a property agent trying to show speculative tenants around! It took about two hours for my heartbeat to return to normal after I crawled out from behind the sofa to introduce myself.  

Article Published: 29th October 2018

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