Is the UK Aston Villa in disguise?

In a latest study by the ‘Energy Efficiency Watch Project’ progress in energy efficiency policies across the EU member states has positioned the UK as 27th in the league table of 28 member states!

Where once we dreamed of mid-table mediocrity (13th position in 2012), we have now plummeted to relegation fodder. In football terms, the manager would have been given the dreaded vote of confidence by now!

Elmhurst Energy has watched over the last few years indeed commenting frequently on the removal and reduction approach of the latest Government, in terms of energy efficiency policies. It comes as no surprise then that we are lagging behind the rest of our competition.

Unfortunately this is all very predictable. It is also extremely disappointing news, especially as we could be market leaders in this field and really make not only energy efficiency savings for UK families, but also drive jobs and businesses off the back of a predictable timetable.

Maybe we are not in a referendum – maybe we are being relegated out?

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