implementation of Paris agreement is "not whether we do it, but how"

The UK is legally bound to by the Climate Change act, which requires an 80% cut in emissions by 2050

At Paris in December 2015 countries committed to further reduce global emissions down from peak levels as soon as possible and ultimately "net zero emissions".

Andrea Leadsom, the Minister of State at Department of Energy and Climate stated in parliament

"The government believes that we will need to take the step of enshrining the Paris goal for net zero emissions in UK law. The question is not whether but how we do it.”

and said the Climate Change Committee would be reporting back on the implications of the Paris agreement in the autumn.

Elmhurst welcome the commitment to reduce carbon emissions but urge the government to balance their focus between reducing demand and securing supply. Time is of the essence, and with major utility companies struggling to commit to new generation capacity it is an ideal time to bring forward a workable, coherent strategy to insulate our homes

Full story in The Guardian

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