How to attain building regulations approval

If you are an architect, property surveyor or housing provider seeking to attain building regulations compliance, the road ahead may seem long. But it needn't, because with experts such as Elmhurst Energy Consultancy on your side, you can follow simple guide to achieving the compliance you need, such as meeting ESOS regulations.

In this guide we offer four simple steps to attaining building regulations approval:

1. Choosing your consultancy or surveyor

Your consultancy or surveyor should suit your specific needs. In many cases, you may be able to hire a surveyor for free through your local council. In other cases, such as when you have specific needs such as building an energy-efficient home, a specialist consultancy will be a better bet. Your consultancy or surveyor will help you adhere to the relevant building regulations.

2. Complete your building standards application

This will either be a) a building notice that is accepted when building regulations are adjudged to have been met on site, or b) a full plans application which will see plans checked and approved before building work begins.

3. Visit from a building control surveyor

Once work is underway on your building, a building control surveyor can visit in order to check everything is in hand and in line with regulations. They may check the foundations and floors, as well as to see that there is adequate drainage, thermal insulation and the integrity of the roof structure.

4. Get your completion certificate

You are nearly there! Once your building is complete, the surveyor will visit and confirm that the work meets with the necessary standards. If all is well, you will receive your completion certificate; an important document which you will need to hang on to.

That's our wrap on the key steps towards building standards compliance - you see, it was easy, wasn't it?

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