House of Lords- Reinstate Zero Carbon Homes

In a report published today the House of Lords ‘Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment’ announced a strong statement to the Government to reinstate the Zero Carbon new homes standard.

Amongst other items it concludes:

“The Government should reverse its decision to remove the requirement for new homes to generate no net carbon emissions (known as the “zero carbon homes” policy).... The Government must set out and implement a viable trajectory towards energy efficiency and carbon reduction in new homes.”

Elmhurst back this statement, as everyone knows the trajectory towards the zero carbon has been set in stone for a long time. All industry has known about it and the good guys have invested lots in getting prepared. The scrapping of the standard will not make builders build more houses, they will just be of a poorer standard. We welcome the debate that the House of Lords will create with this announcement.

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Stuart Fairlie – Head of Technical, Elmhurst Energy


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