Marketing Toolbox for Members

Elmhurst has a range of guides and fact sheets available to all Elmhurst members. These can be used to advertise your services or provide further information to your customers.

Factsheets can be edited with your name and contact details. If you wish to include more of your own branding and styles to these documents, for a nominal fee our Marketing team will be able to help you there. Ideas for future guides/factsheets can also be sent to the Marketing team.


NEW- EPC Guides and Factsheets

Give your customers confidence in your services with Elmhurst's new EPC guides and fact sheets

Demystify the EPC, and provide answers to some of the questions you regularly receive. If you would like any of these materials customised with your own branding/colours/logos, please email:

DOWNLOAD- What is an EPC Factsheet (Domestic) > DOWNLOAD- What is an EPC Factsheet (New Build) > DOWNLOAD- EPCs for Domestic Buildings Guide > DOWNLOAD- EPCs for NON-Domestic Buildings Guide >
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