Green Deal ‘Soft Launch’

Elmhurst has learnt that the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) has today re-started financing loans through a ‘select number of Green Deal Providers’ for the first time since July 2015.

As Elmhurst has reported previously, the GDFC is using private finance to start to initiate the Green Deal. We will watch this space with interest; it is highlighted that today is a soft launch, with an aim to have a wider rebrand and roll out later in 2017.

In May the GDFC made news with plans to raise £5million through a retail bond. They stated  that once funds were available that they were initially planning to re-launch the Green Deal scheme with a small number of thoroughly vetted installers to ensure customers receive a high-quality service, before widening the pool.

Elmhurst are pleased to see a pay as you save business model operating in the ‘energy efficiency’ market place. We look forward to seeing this grow and make inroads into this strategically important area.


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