Government release up to £45 million of insulation funding to social landlords

Elmhurst were pleased to be invited to the ECO Delivery Group meeting held in Westminster on the 7th February at which BEIS (the new government department that is responsible for ECO) presented their response to the consultation for ECO2t, the transition period between ECO2 and ECO3 that runs between April 2017 and October 2018.

The great news for social landlords is that of the 70% of the £640M fund allocated to Affordable Warmth, 10% will be assigned to social landlords to improve their worst performing properties.

From April 2017 any social landlord who is responsible for dwellings that have a valid EPC rating of E, F or G can apply for funding from ECO2t.

The government is taking a fabric first position and favouring insulation, in its various forms, whilst boiler and heating improvements can only be funded where the dwelling has not previously benefitted from central heating, district heating or electric storage heating.

With just eight weeks before funding is to be released Elmhurst recommend an action plan including;

  1. Assess the likelihood that at least some of your housing stock is currently rated E, F or G (the three lowest SAP bands).
  2. Contact one or more of the ECO Suppliers or ECO delivery providers and register interest.
  3. Commission an energy assessment of all eligible and borderline dwellings to confirm that the dwelling is within the range that can access funding. Remember;

- ECO requires a valid lodged EPC, a "SAP score" or similar will not be accepted

- the RdSAP methodology changes periodically and whilst efforts are made to ensure consistency a score can    change, better to get an up to date EPC to confirm eligibility.

  1. Provide details of dwellings that require improvement, and are eligible for funding, to your chosen supplier.

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