Government pressured to insulate homes

Whilst the Government is consulting on whether to spend public money on road, rail or flood defences, major interest groups, such as the CBI and the UK Energy Research Centre, are urging ministers to consider the improvement of our housing stock to be key infrastructure priority.

Unless homes are insulated, the UK will miss targets to end fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions.

The Policy Exchange, who describe themselves as "the UK’s leading think tank ... an educational charity with a mission to develop and promote new policy ideas which deliver better public services, a stronger society and a more dynamic economy" argue that "improving home efficiency creates many jobs; combats fuel poverty; reduces air pollution; minimises carbon emissions; cuts fuel imports; benefits the balance of payments; and reduces the need to build new power stations." ... "Bringing people's homes up to standard is incredibly good value for money. We don't typically think of housing as infrastructure like we think of roads and railways - but we've got to change the way we approach this: housing is critical infrastructure."

Elmhurst Energy is delighted with the stance of Policy Exchange, the CBI and the UK Energy Research Centre. It is short sighted to focus all our resources on the development of fracking and building of nuclear power stations when so many of our houses are poorly insulated and rely on old inefficient heating systems. The Government need to make urgent decisions about Green Deal and ECO to ensure the infrastructure built up by the coalition government remains available to deliver the next, and much needed, green initiative(s).

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