Government plans to build a market for energy efficiency

Government has now issued its response to the Call for Evidence on ‘Building a market for energy efficiency’, a document that we described as “probably the most influential consultation for decades”.

Elmhurst, the UK's largest EPC accreditation scheme, sought the views of members before we made our submission back in January 2018. We argued that:

  • Energy assessors and EPCs continue to be at the heart of all good advice;
  • There needs to be more triggers to produce EPCs;
  • Homeowners are helped to be ‘motivated’ to understand the importance of energy efficiency in their home;
  • Government should create a catalyst for change with appropriate 'carrots and sticks';
  • Professional industries are brought together to help drive energy efficiency in people’s homes;
  • Everything should be focussed on helping families to live in cheaper to run and warmer homes that emit less carbon emissions.

We are therefore delighted that the response from government not only supports many of Elmhurst views but some of our proposals, particularly around independent technical advice and fuel poverty, have been directly quoted.

We now eagerly await the consultation that will give detail behind the proposals. 

To read Elmhurst’s response to the Call for Evidence click here 

To read the Call for Evidence response click here 

Article published: 3rd July 

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