Government consider changes to the home buying process

Elmhurst Energy are pleased that DCLG are seeking a call for evidence on ‘Improving the home buying and selling process’. The Government highlight that there are more than one million homes bought and sold every year in the UK and they recognise that the process is not ‘smooth or simple’.

The Government is committed to “make it cheaper, faster and less stressful” and they are calling for ideas and suggestions to make this a reality.

Elmhurst Energy is the largest Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Accreditation body in the UK with 25 years of experience We are governed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), to ensure that we apply professional consistent standards to our members. We provide industry leading software platforms, as well as training and support to our 8000 members, who produce EPCs for home sales throughout the UK. 

Our aim is to put the EPC at the heart of the buying and selling process. EPCs are currently undervalued by both seller and buyer and we will be recommending an overhaul of its presentation and the information it contains. Our aim is to ensure that all stakeholders consider it a valuable point of reference used by consumers, and the professionals on which they rely, to make informed decisions.

Elmhurst believes that the EPC could and should add value to the ‘entire’ process; if the document and the data are first understood and professionals use them informatively; our small tweaks will improve the value of the data throughout the home buying/selling process for the benefit of ‘all’ stakeholders.

After all, we have over 16 million EPCs available for UK homes, so they are being ‘measured’ – we just need to use the information to ensure that people can ‘manage’ the comfort of their homes, and live in warmer and cheaper to run homes. Professional parties along the journey of buying and selling homes can use EPCs (and its data) to help improve the process ,making it cheaper, faster and less stressful for all.

The digital age allows novel techniques to be used, and the time is right to embrace modern technology to help improve the current process, putting the consumer first.

Elmhurst will be responding to DCLG's Call for Evidence, and will publish its views for members to review. But we encourage all our members to take the opportunity to make their voices heard. If you want to let us know your thoughts then please do, and we will attempt to add your views to our final response.

The closing date for submissions is Sunday 17th December 2017

The call for evidence can be accessed here.

Article Published: 4th December 2017


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