Government ask on best way to heat our homes

The Government has published a consultation document to consider how our homes should be heated in the future.

The consultation seeks to transform the way consumers engage with their heating systems, to give them greater choice over their heating technology in order to improve household comfort and reduce energy bills. This contributes towards our Paris 2015 commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The consultation seeks the views of consumers, installers and manufacturers on a proposal to raise the minimum standard for boilers and to require  time and temperature controls to be included with every domestic boiler installation.

Interestingly they are also keen to consider new technology and  request evidence on the effectiveness of techniques such as;

  • Hydraulic balancing;
  • Return water temperatures and radiator sizing; and
  • Internal system cleanliness. 

Elmhurst is pleased to see Government taking action on energy efficiency, in every sector. Boiler efficiency is, of course, very important but for long term improvement it is essential that the Government's first priority must be to focus on delivering minimum standards for the building fabric. The cheapest energy is the energy you don't use.

The consultation closes on 27 January 2017.

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