GDAO's and Green Deal Advisors still vital to Green Deal

Boost for Green Deal (Advice Organisations & Advisors)

Elmhurst was first to provide comment on the Each Home Matters report when it was published in December 2016 (take a look here). We praised the recommendation that EPCs should be at the core, but was disappointed that the report didn’t analyse the problems that beset the original Green Deal, and the report gave little mention of a future Green Deal, nor the role of Green Deal Advice Organisations or Advisors.

Then when Elmhurst announced that the Green Deal Finance Company had been sold in a news item on 16th January (find out more here) we were optimistic, that after a year of no progress, things were starting to move.

It is therefore great news for Elmhurst members when the Energy Assessor Magazine got a scoop on Friday (20th Jan) when they spoke with Greenstone Founder and CEO Kilian Pender who confirmed  that "Green Deal Advisors will still play a vital part in Green Deal" [because] the Green Deal Finance Company will continue to be obliged to comply with the assessment criteria outlined by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, now part of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy." and that means "[we] will continue to apply the Golden Rule, ensuring that customers are estimated to never have loans that exceed the savings made from their energy efficiency investments."

Elmhurst Energy is delighted that progress is being made on a new pay as you save model, and we will soon be able to close the loop hole within PRS / Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard regulations that allowed private landlords to rent out poorly performing homes. We are sure that more positive news will follow as the Green Deal is back up and running.

 For the article in Energy Assessor Magazine

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