Fuel Poverty- A Massive Problem that isn't Going Away

A new report issued by Government highlights the fact that the UK still has a staggering amount of families deemed to be living as fuel poor.

Even by changing the definitions and measurements associated with what is ‘fuel poverty’, the results are quite startling.

The number of Households in Fuel Poverty:

  • 2,350,000 (or 10.4%) of households in England
  • 850,000 (or 34.9%) of households in Scotland
  • 390,000 (or 30%) of households in Wales
  • 290,000 (or 42%) of households in Northern Ireland

Successive Governments have continued talked about this as an issue, and have repeatedly chopped and changed policies, scraping new initiatives, starting new ones, going through expensive consultations and reviews each time.

Elmhurst Energy would like to offer a more straight forward solution, looking at the problem in a different way. There are over 15 million Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in the Governments Database for England & Wales alone; all the poorest performing homes are known, the data exists (whether they are in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland). Each of these EPCs highlight the appropriate individual energy efficiency recommendations (loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, cylinder insulation etc) by which these home can be made warmer and vitally reduce the fuel bills for the owners/tenants. The Government in other departments will know those individuals on low incomes. Just join up the data.

We can keep telling people to switch providers to save money, we can keep giving some people some small amount of cash to get through one winter, we can build more nuclear power stations to give us more energy. Or we can get up to speed with the 21st Century and start a national infrastructure campaign to improve people’s homes, getting us warmer and cheaper run properties.

The statistics above effect real families, the energy efficiency industry is effectively waiting for another Government review, which will then be consulted on and new policies may come about in 2017. Can these families afford to wait, the simple answer is no.

Elmhurst Energy have long campaigned for Energy Performance Certificates to be valued more by all stakeholders, from home owners, through Industry, to Government. The data is there; let’s start to use it, over 3.8million families are in desperate need for it!

Full stats are here: http://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN05115

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