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An Energy Performance Certificate more commonly known as an EPC is required whenever a building is sold, constructed or rented out, and provides a breakdown of a home’s energy efficiency. This does not include your usage of energy as an occupant, but looks at the energy performance of the property alone.

When a dwelling is created via new construction, conversion or change of use of an existing building, a full SAP Energy Certificate is required, but for existing domestic properties a reduced SAP (RdSAP) EPC is created. 

This area of the website aims to assist with understanding the information presented on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). EPCs for existing buildings must be produced by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) and for new buildings by an On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA).

Elmhurst Energy manage a professional accreditation scheme for Energy Assessors who provide energy assessments for members of the public. We provide comprehensive training and Quality Assurance processes to ensure Elmhurst's assessors are the best in the industry.

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The Elmhurst Member Quality Promise

As the UK’s largest government approved energy assessment scheme,
Elmhurst Energy stand with their accredited members who are fully
trained and qualified to deliver a quality energy assessment service.

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