EU Countries Falling out of Love with the Paris Agreement

A recent report by the Climate Action Network (CAN) has revealed that EU countries are failing to increase their climate action in line with the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement in 2015 set out a commitment to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. However the report by CAN asserts that EU countries are falling well behind in both ambition and progress in regards to reducing carbon emissions.

Member States were ranked from best to worst in implementing the policy, with the top spot left unoccupied to reflect the embarrassing results.

In the ‘good’ group, Sweden, Portugal, France and the Netherlands were marked out for praise, with Belgium, Denmark Germany and the UK labelled as ‘bad’ for no longer leading the field despite their relative wealth.

The UK was ranked 14 out of 28, which can be viewed as disappointing. Although the UK has set a number of ambitious domestic targets such as its pledge to phase out coal by 2025 and fossil fuel cars and vans by 2040, the uncertainty of its future relationship with the EU post Brexit puts a question mark over its credibility as a climate leader.

The report urges the EU to substantially increase its action beyond the currently agreed targets in order to safeguard the future of the planet. But considering the dismal performance as highlighted in the investigation, countries will have to drastically change their approach.

Commenting on the Paris Agreement Elmhurst Energy noted: “we have come a long way in terms of energy and climate change, but we still as a nation have a long way to go. We hope to see some decent long term strategies to help us achieve the goals. The chopping and changing of many recent policies has left a vacuum for energy efficiency policies in the UK, and we need to treat ‘energy efficiency’ as a vital part of the climate change push.

Article Published: 17th August 2018

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