ESOS Final Compliance Letters Sent to Organisations Yet to Act

With the ESOS enforcement extended deadline fast approaching (January 29th), the Environment Agency has made one final push to ensure those who qualify for the scheme, but haven't acted, do so with urgency. 

Written notification has been sent to all corporate groups who the environment agency have not heard from, which includes those who have yet to send notification of compliance or intent to comply with ESOS. The letter outlines the need to implement the scheme as well as the potential risk of enforcement action following non compliance. 

Organisations covered by the ESOS scheme (find out more here) and have received a letter should take immediate action by submitting a notification of compliance or by notifying their intent to comply (including steps to implement ESOS).

If you are worried about ESOS or have yet to take action you can talk to one of Elmhurst's experts who can help you to get the ball rolling with ESOS Compliance.

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If your organisation receives a letter but has already complied please email with the name under which the group's notification was made and the reference number from the letter.

Similarly, organisations that receive letters and are not covered by ESOS are asked to confirm that they do not qualify here. This will allow us to remove them from our list of organisations needing to come into compliance.

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