Energy efficient homes can be worth 13% more

In research conducted by the Compare the Market, the  price comparison portal, the authors have concluded that energy efficient homes can be worth as much as 13% more. Homes with a rating of E are worth 7% more than those with the lowest rating of G, while those with a rating of A or B are worth 6% more than those rated as D.

The report illustrates this in monetary terms by reporting that the majority of houses in England have an EPC rating of D and if we were apply the average increase of 6% to the average house price of £255,000 it would be worth £15,300 more.

Interestingly how much your EPC rating affects the value of a house varies depending on where it is. Those in the North East saw the biggest percentage premium, those in the South West the biggest monetary benefit but homes in London and the South East the difference was negligible.

Elmhurst Energy’s  Martyn Reed commented “energy efficiency improvements are about so much more than increasing the asset value, it is about fuel poverty, climate change and living in comfort however  if homeowners can justify spending a little bit more on retrofit, knowing that they will get a return, that is a real bonus. Elmhurst would welcome more research on this area as it could significantly motivate homeowners to do the right thing”

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Article published: 06/11/20

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