Elmhurst responds to 'What is the low carbon future for off gas Scottish Buildings'

The Scottish Government recently published a call for evidence on ‘The future of low carbon heat for off gas buildings’. They are seeking evidence on the technologies and the actions necessary to support the decarbonisation of the heat supply of buildings that aren't currently using mains gas as their primary heating fuel.

Elmhurst has spent time analysing the call for evidence and have now published a considered response. You can take a look at our final response here.

Low Carbon Heat – Call for evidence

Scottish Government states:

Scotland’s transition to a more prosperous, low carbon economy is already well underway. Decarbonising the way we heat our buildings is a fundamental part of this transition and important if we are to achieve our climate change targets and ambition for all Scotland’s buildings to be near zero carbon by 2050. The call for evidence is divided into three parts: the existing market for low carbon heat, including barriers to uptake; the various technologies that may have a role to play; and the role of the government in supporting the decarbonisation of the heat supply.

Elmhurst’s Technical and Operation Director Stuart Fairlie replies:

“Elmhurst believes that Scottish Government must create a quality framework to ensure that the correct measure(s) are placed in the correct homes/buildings, for the benefit of the occupants. The key must also be about reducing the ‘demand’ of energy in the first instance, whilst putting the consumers at the heart of energy efficiency retrofit.

Homes/buildings must first be understood with an aim to maximise the potential of the ‘whole’ building. We advocate to build upon the great work already undertaken by the Each Home Counts Review, PAS 2035 and Scottish Short Life Working Groups to deliver a whole building approach to solve the issue of delivering cleaner and more energy efficient homes and buildings in Scotland.

Elmhurst are fully aware of the road map that Scotland has introduced and welcome this call for evidence. The strategic goals are clearly set by Scottish Government and we hope that all responses gathered allow more of the detail to be made clear to all stakeholders.” 

Elmhurst hope that members may be encouraged to reply to the consultation themselves and we thank members that have given us their thoughts, which we have incorporated into our final response.

Members still have time to respond as the ‘Consultation’ closes on the Monday 17th June 2019.

Elmhurst's Final Response

Low Carbon Heat – Call for evidence:

More details here: https://consult.gov.scot/better-homes-division/the-future-of-low-carbon-heat

Article Published: 14th June 2019

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