Elmhurst releases update for Design SAP 10 Beta

Elmhurst are delighted to announce the release of the updated Design SAP 10 Beta software. This SAP calculation software will allow energy professionals to model new build assessments against the new “Future Homes Fabric” and “Fabric plus Technology” compliance standards proposed in the government's Future Homes Standard Consultation

Energy professionals and house builders can use Elmhurst's Design SAP 10 Beta to give them an indication of how projects will perform against the proposed standards and whether they will meet compliance. Having access to this key information now will give concerned parties time to effectively plan for the future and avoid large costs.. 

The Technical stuff

The latest version of Design SAP 10 Beta is based on the SAP 10.1 methodology and includes the following changes;

  • Inclusion of the cost, CO2 and Primary Energy factors for all fuels in SAP 10.1
  • Introduction of the new compliance standard based on Primary Energy
  • Primary Energy and CO2 compliance targets based on Options 1 and 2 of the proposed standards
  • Inclusion of new methodology for calculating solar hot water panel savings
  • A new opening type for Roof Lights
  • Air Pressure test score now always required
  • For naturally ventilated dwellings, no savings applied for air test scores < 3 m3/m2/hr @ 50 Pa
  • Showers give no savings for flow rates < 8 l/min  
  • Refinements to Photovoltaic Panels including battery storage and PV diverters

Elmhurst is one of the only UK energy assessment schemes to release this software, which allows energy professionals with an existing Design SAP licence to stay ahead of the game and preview the upcoming changes.  Elmhurst's On Construction Support Team Leader, Jason Hewins, states: "The initial release for Design SAP 10 Beta was well received by our members who are already using it to understand what information they will need from their clients when SAP 10 is introduced into building regulations. It goes without saying that being able to preview these changes within the software is a huge asset to any On Construction assessor or house builder. Those using the software will already be able to see the new data fields required for completion of future SAP assessments".

You can find out more about Elmhurst's Design SAP 10 Beta here.

The Elmhurst Building Regulations Conference

Elmhurst invites housing and energy professionals nationwide to join us at our much-anticipated Building Regulations Conference. This event will provide a spotlight on the recently released Future Homes Standard Consultation which introduces proposed changes to approved document Part L (fuel and power) and Part F (ventilation) in England. Elmhurst will be joined by key industry figures to present talks on the future of building regulations and the impact of potential changes.


Article published 21st November 2019

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