Elmhurst launches health and wellbeing webinars for members

The Coronavirus outbreak continues to have a big impact on everyone’s daily lives, as the population continues to follow the guidance on social distancing and staying at home.

This is a situation that many people have never experienced before, and it can feel strange, confusing and overwhelming. The way that we think, feel and behave during these unprecedented times, will vary from person to person and will even change over time. This is why it has never been more important for people to look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

In support of our members during these difficult times, Elmhurst has partnered with Wellbeing4Life to deliver a series of short health and wellbeing webinars in order to promote happiness, health, joy and curiosity. The 15th April marks the very first Wellness Wednesday where members will gain access to two new wellness webinars, each and every Wednesday, over the next few months.

About Wellbeing4life

Wellbeing4life is run by sisters Elain Crewe and Sharon De Caestecker who are experts in all things health and wellbeing.

“Wellbeing4Life exists because we know how it feels to experience exhaustion, stress and overwhelm. We’ve made it our mission to develop our knowledge and skills not just to help you get through the day, but so we can help you rediscover that sense of fun, joy, enthusiasm and energy that mean you’re not just surviving”

Elmhurst’s Managing Director, Martyn Reed, comments: “Elain and Sharon have done some incredible work through their wellbeing workshops, which we have witnessed first-hand during previous staff training days. This is why it made sense for Elmhurst to expand this offering to our membership during these difficult times. We believe that even the sceptics out there will get something out of this webinar series and would simply ask that you give them a watch when you have some spare time”.

You can take a look at the introduction video below. If you are not an Elmhurst member but would like to watch this webinar series please complete this short form.


Article published: 15/04/2020

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