Elmhurst host debate with the Midlands Energy Professional

Elmhurst Energy's Martyn Reed was pleased to be invited to deliver a CPD session to the  Midlands Energy Professional (MEP) association, at their recent Members meeting in Birmingham.

A similar, but less formal,  presentation to that given at the IDEA conference focussed on the Elmhurst Manifesto, the 6 point plan that we are asking Government to consider as they design new and amended energy efficiency plans.

Elmhurst is campaigning to:

  1. Create a clear government strategy that reduces carbon emissions by reducing demand as well as decarbonising energy generation.
  2. Ensure an appropriate focus on energy efficiency initiatives that benefit the fuel poor, those families on low incomes and live in the least efficient homes.
  3. Reduce the validity period for Energy Performance Certificates to three years so the information is meaningful and up-to-date.
  4. Have Energy Performance Certificates at the core of all future energy initiatives to allow successes to be measured and compared.
  5. Extend the role of Energy Assessors to include best practice advice to families on how to reduce fuel bills and make their homes warmer.
  6. Maintain a long-term energy efficiency strategy to allow stability to plan and invest.

The event was well attended and the expert audience were keen to question and develop the points which made hopefully made for an entertaining and thought provoking session. Certainly the Q&A session went well beyond the assigned time, which is normally a good sign.

Elmhurst is proud to be associated with MEP and congratulate them on another successful meeting.  Elmhurst believes that professional associations of energy assessors, such as MEP, have real benefits for the industry and we are pleased to support Chris and Glen with their efforts.

For more information on MEP then visit http://www.midlandsenergyprofessionals.org.uk/

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