Elmhurst Energy launches Air Conditioning Inspection Accreditation Scheme

Elmhurst Energy, the energy performance assessment specialist, has launched an Air Conditioning Inspection Accreditation Scheme, open to trained and qualified Air Conditioning Energy Assessors. The scheme allows assessors to lodge Air Conditioning Inspections, and provides an opportunity for assessors to develop their career through quality training and CPD.

In most cases, if an occupied building is fitted with air conditioning then an air conditioning inspection is required. These inspections must be completed by an accredited Air Conditioning Energy Assessor, who can assess the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems and also provide professional advice on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems. 

The improvement options reported by Air Conditioning Energy Assessors can also highlight many benefits for businesses, including cost savings, reduced carbon emissions, better temperature control and air quality, which may be a cause of staff sickness.

“Individuals currently assessing Non Domestic buildings will find it easy to expand their existing services with the inclusion of air conditioning inspections,” explains Martyn Reed, Managing Director of Elmhurst Energy. “Unlike an Energy Performance Certificate, Building Owners and Managers require frequent air conditioning inspections, which means Air Conditioning Inspections can provide more consistent work load for Energy Assessors.”

There are also fines applied to businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who do not have a valid Air Conditioning Inspection Report. Moreover if a building owner or manager wants to sell the building, not having a report may negatively delay the sale.

The Elmhurst Energy Air Conditioning Inspection Assessment Accreditation Scheme also offers a competitive lodgement fee for Air Conditioning Reports and dedicated technical support assistance via phone or email.

For more details about this new scheme from Elmhurst Energy click here.

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