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Elmhurst is proud to introduce you to Elmhurst Auditing our auditing operation dedicated to helping Elmhurst members deliver quality within their energy assessments.

Important feedback from our members, coupled with the release of the new Scheme Operating Requirements (SORs), has allowed us to ultimately refresh and update our auditing processes here at Elmhurst. We are working harder than ever before to support our members throughout the audit process, ensuring that the focus remains firmly on the assessor and their personal growth in the industry. Our aim is to make auditing less of a burden and more of a positive learning experience for all.

What's New?

  • Our Approach- Although auditing is a necessary part of your work, we don't want to scare you into completing your audit submissions. Instead we have opted for a much softer approach when it comes to asking for your evidence and supporting notes.
  • Helpful links- Throughout our communication with you we will continue to send you helpful links to Frequently Asked Questions and Evidence Requirements.
  • Evidence Requirements- New evidence requirements have now been introduced in England and Wales. 
  • The Audit Process/Requirements- Smart Audits have now been introduced alongside a new audit process.

Smart Audits 

Smart Auditing has now been introduced within our auditing mix, for DEAs in England and Wales. Essentially, this is great news for competent energy assessors as a risk-based approach will be adopted for audit selection. In essence, rather than the audit selection being entirely random, there will now be a mix of both random and Smart Audits with the latter targeting EPCs which are deemed to be at a higher risk of being incorrect. The good news is that this will not result in an increase in the volume of audits for members, but the focus of the audits will be on EPCs which present a greater risk of potential errors.

Further information

For those undertaking the auditing process for the first time it can be a daunting prospect. However, the support team are always available to help where possible. You can take a look at the most frequently asked questions about auditing here.

Links to helpful documents and videos covering the new audit process and evidence submission can be found in Access Elmhurst and are also provided below:

DEA QA Evidence Requirements 
DEA QA Audit Requirements 

'Auditing- Moving Forward and common issues'

CPD Course- 5 HOURS CPD 

Our latest CPD course has been developed for DEAs to gain further information about the new auditing process/procedures introduced in 2018. 


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