Donald Trump pulls the USA out of Paris Climate Agreement

In a move that was rumoured since Mr Trump took over the WhiteHouse, he has confirmed that he has pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

To be fair to Mr Trump he indicated in his election campaign that he would scrap the Climate Change Bill. He stated he was fulfilling his "solemn duty to protect America and its citizens".

Interestingly under the agreement, a nation seeking to leave the pact can only give notice three years after the date it entered into force - 16 November 2016.  The process of leaving then takes another year, meaning it would not be complete until just weeks after the US presidential election in 2020!

The initial reaction from the rest of world has been almost universal in disappointment. Indeed many inside the US have reacted negatively to the news and former President Barack Obama, who agreed to the Paris deal, immediately criticised the move, accusing the Trump administration of "rejecting the future".

Most learned observers are suggesting that big industry and individual states (and cities) in the US will go on ensuring that they protect the environment and set targets to adhere to the UN climate change agreement.

Stuart Fairlie – Technical Director at Elmhurst states “This is very disappointing news that the US is joining only Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries on earth that are not united together in climate change commitments. However, as they say every cloud has a silver lining, we hope that the ‘noise’ that this is creating amongst world leaders, the public and organisations, will result in more commitment as a result of leading by example. In fact there is almost more ‘noise’ surrounding this than the initial signing of the Paris Agreement. We hope that all sensible commentators will continue to invest in clean technology and a better future for our children. Focussing the discussion around old inefficient power, is in my opinion a backward step; but I understand that Mr Trump campaigned for his supporters, many of whom  are  and will be affected by a reduction in fossil fuel reliance.. We hope that the world continues on its mission to combat climate change. And that the UK, for that matter, responds by encouraging renewable and energy efficiency policies, and starts to be a leading light in this revolution. This is something, which has been totally lacking from the election campaigns. Maybe this new development will push our own politicians to start to engage with true policies around energy efficiency and not use ‘switch fuel providers’ or ‘capping fuel bills’ as the sticking plaster approach to policy.”


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