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About Design SAP

All versions of Elmhurst's Design SAP Software are fully BRE tested and government-approved to calculate the necessary building regulations/standards for England, Wales and Scotland.

Design SAP 2012 calculates the SAP rating, the environmental impact rating (EIR), the dwelling emission rate (DER), the target emission rate (TER), the dwelling fabric energy efficiency (DFEE) and the target fabric energy efficiency (TFEE) as well as incorporating Elmhurst's renowned U-Value calculator.

NEW Features

We continue to develop new functionality and make improvements to our leading Design SAP software. This ensures that our software remains first choice for SAP Calculations. A list of new and recently added features is provided below:

New Features

Design Stage Assessment Submission

Import records from Plan Assessor

Personalised views of Assessment Data

BIM Functionality

Search for Air Tightness Tester

Design SAP and Home Quality Mark (HQM)

Purchase Design SAP

Call our On Construction DEA team on 01455 883 236 to discuss a quote for Elmhurst's Design SAP software or complete our software application form. We offer two licence packages depending on your requirements;

Basic Licence: this allows users access to the SAP assessment module only
Premium Licence: this allows users full access to the SAP assessment, U-Value Calculator and Batch Processing modules. 

  Elmhurst Accredited Assessors  Non-Accredited Assessor
Price per user (Annual Fee) Price per user (Annual Fee)
Basic Licence  £175 + VAT £250 + VAT
Premium Licence  £195 + VAT £295 + VAT


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"Design SAP 10 Beta will allow the industry to get an advanced look at the new data that will be required to complete assessments when SAP 10 is introduced into building regulations. This will ensure you are fully prepared to tackle the next change to building regulations well in advance of their implementation expected in 2020."

Jason Hewins - On Construction Team Leader

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