Dem Bones

There’s something about lofts, isn’t there? Dark spaces, conveniently out of the way, where you can store anything from Christmas decorations to… more sinister items.

But sooner or later someone’s got to go up there, especially if you’re a DEA checking the insulation. One such DEA was treated to the shock of a lifetime when he conducted an assessment for a property in Burton. This is Guy’s story:

I was at the property and this bloke answers the door. There was nothing unusual about him, he seemed pretty nice and I just got on with my assessment without incident. About an hour later, everything was completed but I just had one check left to do- the loft.

I got my ladder out, climbed up and opened the loft hatch. It was pitch black up there, and I was shining my torch around to get a good look, until the light came to rest on something that made me yell out. There, hanging from the uppermost beam in the loft, was a skeleton with a noose around its neck. I nearly fell off my ladder because this skeleton looked the real deal and the rope was making this horrible noise as it gently swung back and forth. At this point a shape appeared below me and I looked down- to see the face of the tenant staring up at me.

I slowly climbed down and he asked if I’d seen anything. So I told him about the loft insulation and things like that, until finally I said “oh yeah and…umm…there’s a skeleton up there. Hanging…” When I told him that he burst out laughing and all was revealed. The tenants were a group of medical students and they had the skeleton hanging out the front for Halloween. They thought it would be a good prank to pull on me when I went into the loft.

Article Published: 25th October 2018

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