DEC Consultation to be taken no further

Elmhurst are delighted to announce that DCLG have confirmed that the DEC Consultation proposal (dated February 2015) will be "taken no further" and no changes to the current regime will result from it.

Member's will remember that Elmhurst were very vocal in its opposition to the consultation proposal (see news items here and here) and we regard this as a victory for common sense and just reward for the efforts of all those who responded to the consultation with such fervour last year.

The future for DECs looks bright as they will continue to be the means by which all eligible Public Buildings in England & Wales of more than 250m2 are assessed, and in addition are now being used for assessing buildings for ESOS purposes. They will also be used in Scotland from the 1st September as part of The Assessment of Energy Performance of Non- Domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016 legislation.

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