DCLG Increase EPC Lodgement Fees by up to 63%

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have just informed Elmhurst and other Accreditation Schemes of a number of amendments to the Energy Performance of Buildings (England & Wales) Regulations 2012.

The shocking news is that the statutory lodgement fees for lodging data onto the Landmark Register are up by up to 63%! Not only this, but the revised fees are set to begin on the 6th April 2016, giving just 11 working days to implement the change

DCLG indicate:

“The level of the lodgement fees are set to cover the full costs of operating the Registers. Changes to the lodgement fee reflect a review of forecast lodgement levels during the coming year.”

Fee Increase breakdown:

  • Domestic lodgements: currently £1.27, changing to £2.07. A 63% increase!
  • Non-domestic lodgements: currently £11.66, changing to £12.82. A 10% increase!

Elmhurst wishes to express its complete surprise and concern at this increase and that we will protest this matter with DCLG on our members behalf. Not only are the increases to fees extremely excessive, the notice period given is considered to be inadequate and will not allow members sufficient time to update processes, amend prices and apply these to ongoing contracts.

Elmhurst does not believe these rate changes are in line with any normal inflationary increases.

Ultimately DCLG know that Energy Assessors have only one national Register in which to lodge i.e. a monopoly, and therefore have no alternative. We at Elmhurst are extremely disappointed to hear this shock news. In fact nobody has muted any price rises in any recent meetings or communications, something as an Industry we find extremely disappointing.

The letter clearly states that the price rise is for England and Wales lodgements, we are seeking clarification about Northern Ireland but expect them to follow suit as Landmark also holds the contract for provision of their national register. Scotland is not affected.

On behalf of all our members we at Elmhurst will continue to express our views to DCLG on this exceptional price hike and we will provide a further update to members once a response is received. We continue to back the energy assessment industry and these type of events are neither helpful or useful to our members and ultimately their customers.

Updated 23/03/2016

The Department of Finance and Personal in Northern Ireland (DFPNI) have since followed suit by announcing
that they are also increasing lodgement fees for domestic and non domestic lodgements for the Northern Ireland Register... Read more

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