Consultation Frenzy

On the 12th October, the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) made a big splash with a ‘Clean Growth Strategy’ for the UK. Since then both BEIS and their colleagues at the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have released a plethora of ‘Consultations’/'Calls for Evidence' across a number of areas, which could impact energy assessors and their customers.

As with all these consultation in the past, Elmhurst will endeavour to respond accordingly and with professional, constructive views to each. We will of course keep our members updated with our responses, and engage with our members where necessary.

The consultations are that have been released are shown below (in response deadline order):

‘Call for Evidence – Green Deal Framework’ 

Deadline 23rd Nov 2017 (BEIS)

‘Protecting consumers in the letting and managing agent market’ 

Deadline 29th Nov 2017 (DCLG)

‘Leading by example: Cutting energy bills and carbon emissions in the wider public and higher education sectors’

Deadline 7th Dec 2017 (BEIS)

‘Streamlined energy and carbon reporting, raising awareness, reducing bills, saving carbon’ 

Deadline 4th Jan 2018 (BEIS)

‘Call for evidence: Building a market for energy efficiency’ 

Deadline 9th Jan 2018 (BEIS)

They will certainly take some reading, but if these affect you or your customers business, then we encourage people to respond where they can. We at Elmhurst always consider these consultations and respond with positive thoughts, so as to drive future energy efficiency strategy in the right direction. Looks like we have a busy few months ahead.

Further Reading:

Clean Growth Strategy Announced – news article published 12th October 2017:



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