Connor  - IT Apprentice 

Connor is our IT apprentice and has been with Elmhurst for 2 years. Having successfully completed his Level 3 last year, he is now working towards his level 4 where he is specialising in Cyber Security.  We are very proud of how Connor has developed as an integral part of Elmhurst team, gaining confidence to handle all of our day to day problems, with incredible patience and now moving into more complex problems and projects.  What does Connor think?

Why Elmhurst?

Right from the start I always found the people friendly and really easy to get along with.  I have found it really easy to adapt to everything because of how helpful and supportive the team are, but especially my direct manager who I can go to at any time.

How have you found your time at Elmhurst?

Day to day I’m working on such a variety of different tasks, there is a broad range of responsibilities to be taken on. The IT team at Elmhurst is small, I have found this works to my advantage as I have been able to take on more challenges and I am able to learn extra skills and abilities with one on one guidance.

IT Challenges

When writing this we are a year into the Covid crisis.  This has been a massive IT challenge and also a challenge for me personally. IT have been central to making sure we have a workforce who can work just as effectively from home as in the office.  I have had to assist in the rollout of improved systems to help cater to these times. Working from home has been difficult but thanks to the support from my manager we have overcome all challenges.


Being an apprentice I have had to juggle with full time work and studying at the same time, Elmhurst has been really great with supporting me throughout this helping me to organise my time efficiently so that I am able to complete both study and work to the best of my abilities. I have been involved in many projects like cyber security essentials and upgrade to key infrastructure.

Career goals 

The atmosphere at Elmhurst is really great, it’s personal - not just like ‘work’. Social activities are organised between the staff to integrate one another and to help build friendships within the team, even if it is all on line at the moment. I still have a lot to learn.  Elmhurst has helped me grow towards my future career goals, by assisting me with my Level 4 apprenticeship in cyber security and I know that this will continue.

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