Energy Performance of Buildings Central Register

DLUHC's Energy Performance of Buildings Central Register covers all energy assessment strands in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland has a seperate EPC register which is hosted by the Energy Saving Trust.

Why has this changed?

The Government wants to ensure that Energy Certificates (EPCs, DECs and AirCon) remain central to government thinking and policy, as the country aims to meet its climate change commitments. As a result of this, the new register will sit on a ".gov" website (links provided below) ensuring that all Energy Certificate data is centralised and can be accessed by government. 

Find an Energy Certificate:
Getting a new Energy Certificate:

Key Changes

Elmhurst has been working with government to ensure a smooth transition to the new register. As a result of this we anticipate that members are unlikely to see any significant differences to their user experience when undertaking energy assessments and lodging Energy Certificates. However, we would advise members to read and familiarise themselves with the information provided below to ensure that your assessment processes remain fully up to date.

A new web link

Once a new assessment has been lodged, members will now be given a URL web link to give to their clients. This will connect them directly to their Energy Certificate which will sit on the new register.

New register link >

More information for clients

The Government has stated that the new register will improve the overall customer experience of producing energy efficiency information for people’s homes and business premises. It will offer information such as what to do next? where to find grants and funding opportunities? where to get quality installers?

Printable certificates

Clients will still be able to print their energy certificates, from the energy certificate web page provided by members.

Address search change

The address search will move from Landmark to the new register, and so there will be a small change to how users request new addresses. Information about how to overcome any issues here can be found in the strand specific FAQs provided below.

'Draft EPCs' removed

The Government has decided to no longer provide the option to generate ‘Draft EPCs’. Elmhurst realises the importance of seeing the Energy Certificate prior to lodgement which is why we have created a replacement ‘Overview report’. The current ‘Preview EPC’ button will be replaced with ‘Overview’ on the EPC summary page.

Change to 'search for assessor'

Members will now only have the option to add a single postcode for their entry onto the new register. The search for assessor on the Elmhurst website will however, continue to return search results based on the postcode coverage provided by members in Access Elmhurst.

Videos and FAQs

Elmhurst’s technical support teams have put together some strand specific FAQs and videos to help members understand the finer details of the central register change. Technical Bulletins and other helpful documents are also available to members in the ‘my documents’ area of Access Elmhurst.

Domestic FAQs

How will I complete an RdSAP assessment?

How do I check for a previous EPC on the new register?

How will I add a new address?

How will I retrieve my new EPC?

How do I find past DECs to import into the DEC software?

Non-Domestic FAQs

Will there be a transition period for installing the new versions of software?

Where can I find the latest version of the software?

If i've started an assessment with an address and UPRN from the current register, what happens when the new register comes online?

What happens to existing Energy Certificates – will they still be accessible on the new register?

How do I forward the lodged energy certificate to my customer?

How do I find an existing address or add a new address?

The UPRN hasn’t been allocated to the address?

What do I do if I get an error message saying the UPRN doesn't exist when attempting to lodge?

On Construction FAQs

Will Design SAP 2012 continue to work if I ignore the update?

Why can’t you release the Design SAP 2012 update before the 21st September?

If i've started an assessment with an address and UPRN from the current register, what happens when the new register comes online?

What happens to existing Energy Certificates – will they still be accessible on the new register?

What happens if I want to lodge an Energy Certificate from Design SAP 2005 and 2009?

Fact Sheets for Elmhurst Members

Elmhurst has created some fact sheets (one for each strand) which members can use to inform their clients about this upcoming change. These fact sheets can be customised with your logo and contact information.

Central Register Fact Sheets
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