Saul - Technical Consultant Apprentice

Saul Bayliss joined our Existing Dwellings (DEA) team on 2nd March 2020.  He is a popular team member, who has worked hard to successfully overcome the challenges of the change in working environment caused by Covid.  Our DEA team will be sorry to see him move on to the next stage of his development with a new team later this year, but he’s only moving across the office, so will still see them all daily. 

What were you doing before Elmhurst?

Before starting as an apprentice at Elmhurst I was attending higher education, studying A levels at Sixth Form. The natural route for many to take after studying A levels is to go on to University. However, I felt that this was not the route for me and thought it was more important to be gaining experience and skills in a fast paced industry.

Why did you want to work at Elmhurst?

Elmhurst really appealed to me as it is a warm environment to work in.  As the company is relatively small, just over 70 people, it creates a sense that the employees are all part of the Elmhurst ‘Family’. I feel valued at Elmhurst which means I enjoy the time I spend with my colleagues.

At Elmhurst we embrace the opportunity to still have fun and keep the family type spirit by having weekly activities and webinar style sessions to keep everyone engaged.

How have you found your time at Elmhurst?

I joined in March 2020, which was unlucky because shortly afterwards the nation was admitted into lockdown. However I was still able to continue with my learning and completed my Level 3 C&G Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). I had already completed my one week classroom based course and while we were away from the office I was able to work on my portfolio. I am now a full accredited DEA. 

As part of my apprenticeship I am also working on my Customer Service NVQ and will eventually have a level 3 qualification.

Our DEA support team are the largest team in Elmhurst with 12 members and all are great - we all keep in touch with regular virtual team meetings.  The team are also all very supportive with a wealth of knowledge. There are good team building activities across the whole business so everyone is involved and kept up to date. I have genuinely enjoyed my time at Elmhurst.

Job Challenges

Working from home has proven to be a real challenge. We have had short periods in 2020 where those who wanted to go into the office could, following social distancing to keep us all safe. Although there were only a few people in the office, it was a much better working environment. 

I am now much more confident using the phones and I know from feedback from my line manager that I am much more confident and knowledgeable when dealing with our members who ring for professional support on the telephone and email. I am now really contributing as a part of the team.

What does the future hold?

In the summer I will be moving to our On Construction (OCDEA) support team and then the following year to our Non-Domestic (NDEA) team.  By the end of the three years I will have gained valuable cross department skills when looking for where my first non-apprentice role will be with the company. 

Regarding whatever I do after that, it is good to know that I will be working as a professional in a career that is making a difference for sustainability of buildings for the future.

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