Chloe - Administration Apprentice

Chloe joined our Elmhurst Consultancy team on 2nd March 2020, just before we went into our first Lockdown. It's not an ideal start to a new career, as it certainly created a whole new set of challenges for us all, but Chloe has risen to the challenge and a year on is now firmly settled as a popular member of our Elmhurst team.  We asked Chloe what she had taken from the past year.

Why did you apply for a job with Elmhurst?

I chose Elmhurst because it’s a small to medium sized company, meaning it wasn’t going to be as daunting for my first job and easier for me to socialise with more people, improving my confidence. From the very start on my induction day, I could see everyone was really friendly and they all got along.  Everyone was very welcoming.

What do you enjoy about working at Elmhurst?

I enjoy working at Elmhurst because everybody makes sure you know that they are there to help you and make you feel welcome. They try to give everyone an opportunity to get to know and socialise with people outside of their immediate team, organising events outside of work so you are able to build friendships and better connections, making the workplace more comfortable. I am learning new things every day and growing as a person with their support.

How have you found your time at Elmhurst?

I have been here nearly a year now and have not had much time in the office due to Covid, however, I do still feel part of the company. I have built a great relationship with my manager, she has made me feel very welcome and comfortable.  I know if I have any issues or questions I can go to her for the help and support, although she still pushes me outside my comfort zone, but this is a good thing. My team have been really helpful in supporting me with questions and explain the answers as well as making me fell part of the team.

Working at Elmhurst has been great.  I am now part of their social team, so have been able to be help organise online events to keep everyone interacting while working from home and keeping the spirits high - from quizzes and scavenger hunts, to the online Christmas party and helping with Christmas hampers.  I’m currently help organise a fun virtual bingo session. 

Job Challenges

It has been a challenge starting a job at the time Covid came about as there has been a lot of uncertainty and not being able to be in the office full time like I would have been. Trying to keep in touch with people from other parts of the business has been challenging as it’s not as easy as just walking round the corner and having a quick chat. Having to get used to talking to people on the phone and being professional has been a good challenge to build up confidence and people skills. Having to learn how all the systems work and also having to learn online through video has proven to not be ideal, especially when there are technical difficulties, but I’ve managed.  Every day is a learning day.


I am currently doing my Level 2 Customer Service course with an external training provider which is all being taught online. Elmhurst are good with offering extra support and feedback to go along with my course and allowing me time to work on my course during the work day. Learning while you earn is a good way to stay motivated and to be able to get first-hand experience of what you are reading or writing about. This gives you a better understanding and knowledge, increasing your skills and personal development.

Career Goals

My goal is to complete my course to a high standard and use what I've learnt to continuously develop my skills. I will then have the opportunity to go on to do my Level 3.  I can see people in the business have worked their way up and have become technicians, line managers and leaders. 

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