Elmhurst's Work Scheduler

A professional management tool to organise the work of partnering energy assessors 

If members wish to work together on a subcontract basis, as a partnership, or even as a registered company, Elmhurst Energy has a flexible work scheduling tool to help optimise and automate your energy assessment work process. 

Elmhurst's Work Scheduler aims to eliminate the who's, what's and how's of resource scheduling by providing quick and easy job management amongst your team of energy assessors. As a Job Allocation Manager you will no longer need to worry about who will carry out an assessment and if it has been completed, as Elmhurst's Work Scheduler provides full visibility and live tracking of job progress, ensuring both the work allocation manager  and energy assessor are aware what assessments need doing and when. 

This eliminates the challenges associated with manually scheduling resources and managing jobs, which can be both tedious and frustrating. Elmhurst's Work Scheduler is not only quick and easy to implement, but also remains flexible no matter what size your operation is, presenting an opportunity to expand in the future.

Job Management and Resource Scheduling with Elmhurst's Work Scheduler

Benefits of Elmhurst's Work Scheduler Include:

  • Time and therefore cost saving
  • Real time tracking of job progress
  • Distributing work amongst Energy Assessors
  • Effective management of work flow
  • Assessors can accept and reject assessments
  • Automatic notification to Work Allocation Managers of the progress of jobs
  • Members can complete surveys online or using (Mobile products e.g. RdSAPGo) – convenient and quick
  • Allows Energy assessors to have holiday cover and expand/take on more work

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 *Elmhurst workflow is a simple management tool. Elmhurst do not set up contracts for Energy Assessors. It is the responsibility of the Customer to agree contractural terms for the services of other Energy Assessors.


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