Smooth Data Capture and Workflow with Elmhurst's Connect

Do you rely on energy assessment data as part of your workflow or as evidence of your performance? If so, you’ll know optimising the flow of quality data from the assessors in the field through to your corporate systems is vital. Inefficient data capture can lead to inaccuracies, protracted sales or a poorer rate of funding application success. Each of these issues brings a cost to your organisation. 

Elmhurst’s Connect allows the integration of your energy assessment data and processes with your backoffice systems and CRM. The seamless workflow, together with our wealth of experience in accreditation and specialist software ensures:

  • quality assured field based energy assessments
  • electronic data capture via our robust mobile RdSAP and Evidence Capture software
  • effective data management - connecting data to your CRM


What Can Elmhurst's Connect do for my Business?

Where your workflow has become complicated and slow, it might take days for your energy assessment data to flow from the energy assessor to your back office/CRM. Relying on humans to rekey data, makes delays more significant and further increases the risk of errors which can have disasterous results, such as the refusal of funding. By integrating with us, you can streamline the flow of data required to manage your work more quickly and accurately and in a way which supports your systems, your processes and your workflow.

Designed for you

Our team of business analysts and technical specialists work to Prince 2 project management standards to design and deliver solutions to improve the way you work, introducing:

  • Electronic data capture.
  • Industry leading online and mobile applications.
  • Integration with our Government approved energy efficiency calculators.
  • Data transfer and storage solutions.
  • Workforce training and quality assurance.
  • Technical support for field operators.

We take time to understand your requirements and work closely with you to design and implement a solution in a timely and convenient manner. A dedicated Business Analyst will work with you to drive the exact requirements and planned benefits from the integration which might include many of below:

Elmhurst Connect Benefits:

Save time and money
Improve workflow
Obtain data in real time
Enable remote working
Generate profitable leads
Secure storage of evidence & data

Why us for integration?

Our 20 years' experience in energy assessment is backed up by industry leading software, outstanding technical support and quality training. In each of these areas we are supporting stringent regulations and raising standards within the industry and have trained over 7000 energy assessors, equipping them with the skills to work to the highest standards. 

What Next?

To find out more about a full range of integration services to support your data capture and workflow, request a free consultancy session today.



If you need help get in touch!

Fill out our short contact form below if you would like to find out more about the information displayed on this page


If you need help get in touch!

Fill out our short contact form below if you would like to find out more about the information displayed on this page

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