Design SAP 10 and BRE Test Case Approval

Elmhurst has been working hard to get Design SAP 10 ready for the implementation of Part L 2021 for England. This involves going through a rigorous approval process, managed by BRE on behalf of the government, which requires all software providers to calculate and match results for a number of standard test cases provided by BRE.

On this occassion there have been some delays and alterations to test cases, which has impacted the development of SAP software industry wide. As a result of this, the approval process has been changed. 

BRE has now provided three batches of test cases prioritised to cover the majority of technologies expected to be used in new homes. BEIS and DLUHC have authorised SAP software products for limited release to users when at least batch one is approved by BRE. Where SAP software is not yet approved for a batch, the technologies within that batch should not be used for completing SAP assessments or compliance calculations under SAP 10.2. 

Design SAP 10 is currently approved for Batch 1

Government envisage that full capability, for all software providers, will be available no later than 31st July 2022

Batch 1:

• Building fabric (walls, roofs, floors, windows etc.)
• Boilers (mains gas, LPG, electric, oil)
• Secondary room heaters
• Instantaneous WWHRS
• Solar heating (hot water only)
• Natural ventilation with intermittent extract fans
• Centralised MEV
• Decentralised MEV
• Balanced ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)
• PV (without battery or diverter)
• Air conditioning

Batch 2:

• Electric heat pumps
• Electric immersion
• PV with battery
• PV with diverter
• Wind turbine

Batch 3:

• Community heating (not from PCDB)
• Balanced ventilation without heat recovery

Validation for the remaining technologies (below) will follow.

• Storage WWHRS
• Solar heating (space and water heating)
• Community heating from PCDB
•  Positive input ventilation
•  Anything else not mentioned above

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