BEIS officially announce consultation on the next versions of SAP and RdSAP

BEIS have officially announced a consultation on the next versions of SAP and RdSAP.

Further to our news last week:

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have officially released the consultation on proposed amendments to the SAP and RdSAP methodologies.

Elmhurst has been expecting this consultation from BEIS for some time and will be digesting the information thoroughly. We will keep our members informed of the impact of these changes. As always we welcome improvements to the calculations to keep them up to date and relevant.

It is worth clarifying that the changes proposed for RdSAP will be added to the current SAP2012 methodology. The changes suggested for the SAP methodology will be updated in the newly proposed SAP2016 methodology.

As Elmhurst mentioned in last week’s news article, we are not aware of any impending new Building Regulations/Stadard for any of the regions, so the purpose of the methodology is for guidance on where the calculation is moving towards, obviously keeping up with both technology, current research, as well as fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Elmhurst will expertly look at both the proposed methodologies and the consultation questions, and will respond in due course.

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