Air Tightness Testing Scheme 

The independent AirTightness Testing Scheme (iATS) is an authorised Competent Persons Scheme for Level 1 and 2 Air Tightness Testers. The scheme is managed by Elmhurst Energy who have utilised their expertise of building energy assessment to develop one of the UK's leading Air Tightness Testing Schemes.

The Importance of Air Tightness Testing 

Air Tightness Testing is used to identify the amount of air leakage from a building through uncontrolled ventilation, and is vital for testing the energy performance of new buildings. This test is required for UK Building Regulations (and regional equivalents) sign off, with the results used within the government's approved methodology for calculating a buildings overall energy performance. A building with a test result worse than specified at the design stage will struggle to comply with the regulations.

What does this scheme offer?

Individuals trained and qualified to undertake either Level 1 or Level 2 Air Tightness Tests are welcome to join this competent persons scheme. Membership of this scheme includes:

  • Access to expert Technical Support
    We offer dedicated technical support to our members, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Protection of our members interests
    We ensure that there is no conflict of interest between our members, and the quality of testing required by MHCLG.

  • Access to a secure lodgement Portal
    Members have access to a secure lodgement portal which provides easy management and secure online storage of air test data and registration details. 

  • Entry onto our search and validation facility
    Members of the public, including developers and building control bodies, can search for local iATS members and validate test certificates through the searches available on the iATS website.

  • Free Insurance
    Elmhurst's insurance policy covers the production of Air Tightness Tests, meaning that members of this scheme won't need pay for third party insurance.

Scheme Fees 

Application Fee- £95 + VAT, per tester

Annual Registration/Renewal Fee- £265 + VAT 

Lodgement Fees- £2.50 + VAT per lodgement

more information about scheme fees can be found within the scheme application form

How to join Elmhurst's Scheme?

I have not undertaken training to become an Air Tightness Tester

I am a qualified as an Air Tightness Tester

Step 1: Candidates must attend a training course at an approved centre and pass the exams, practical assessments and subsequent review of 3 tests in order to apply to iATS. The training certificate will be required to join the scheme.

Level 1 and 2 Air Tightness Testing courses are available to book through the Elmhurst website


Step 2: Once you have attended a training course and have completed the required assessments you can then apply to the scheme.


If you have atleast a level 1 certificate for Air Tightness Testing, you are eligible to join the scheme.

You can apply to the scheme by completing the application form linked below.


The information on this page is also available
on the iATS website available at:

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The information on this page is also available
on the iATS website available at:

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