A Rude Awakening

DEA Carol shares her spooky story... 

I was once asked to do an EPC for the flat above an estate agents. It was their flat, actually, so they gave me the keys and reassured me that I could go straight in because no one was home. So up I go, giving a courtesy knock on the door just to check the tenants weren’t in. No answer. Fairly satisfied that the flat was empty, I opened the door...

It was really dark inside and the heating obviously hadn’t been turned on in ages, as I could see my breath in front of my face. I scrabbled about for the light switch but couldn’t find it, so I decided to go further in, trying not to trip on all the shoes and clothes on the floor. When I turned the corner I saw a thin strip of light coming from the bottom of a closed door, just like in the films before the axe murderer comes flying out.

I knocked to see if anyone was inside, and again there was no reply. Now, this was most likely a bedroom, so I did hesitate, but I had to get access in order to carry out the assessment. When I opened the door nothing could prepare me for what I saw next. There, spread eagled on the bed, was a naked young man as white as a sheet staring at the ceiling.

I can’t even describe to you the sound I made. I’ve seen dead bodies before and I know what they look like and this person looked 100 per cent dead. I called out to him, asked if he was alright, screamed at him! The whole lot and still I got no response.  He was completely still.

Obviously I did what anyone else would do and ran screaming from the building into the estate agents downstairs, shouting about how there was a dead body upstairs and that we needed to call the police. Everyone started freaking out and it was decided that we would go back upstairs to check before we actually called DCI Barnaby.

But when we got to the bedroom the body had gone! I started to explain how I had seen the body right there, until we heard a flush and it reappeared behind us wearing a towel. Still looking deathly white, this guy mumbled an apology and something about having a ‘mad one’ last night.

Article Published: 24th October 2018

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