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IRT: Air Tightness Testing Course (Level 1)

Date: 11th December 2017
Start Time: 09:00am
Location: Liverpool
Duration: 4 days
Places Left: 6

Suitable for: New Entrants

Pre-course reading is required for students to have an understanding of the broader concepts of Air Tightness Testing Training; IRT advise students to become familiar with the following prior to attending the training.

Pre Course Reading

Course Information

The Aims and Objectives of IRT's Air Tightness Training: 

  • To understand the differences in Building Regulations across
    UK and Ireland.
  • To understand why permeability testing is a requirement.
  • To understand what is air leakage and how is it measured?
  • Who does this effect?
  • What is required and how do you comply?
  • Regulations for testing and reporting.
  • Using and calibrating equipment, preparation and report

Due to changes in the field of Air Tightness Testing and the introduction of new competency schemes, the course structure is in the process of being updated to reflect the new National Occupational Standards (NOS).

The first three days of the course will cover NOS ASTATT 1 to 9 documents, which is required by the Minimal Technical Competence (MTC) for a level 1 tester. The fourth day is an examination day which will divided into 3 separate sections. All 3 must be successfully completed to pass the examination process: 

  • First examination is an open book multiple choice exam covering the theoretical aspects of the Air Tightness
  • Second examination is a building envelope area and volume calculation examination using supplied plans.
  • Third examination is a practical exam where the student is observed carrying out a full Air Tightness Test on a

After Training

After attending the training course and passing all 3 examinations, students are required to carry out 3 unpaid Air Tightness Tests. Full test reports, calculations, sketches/plans will need to be presented for review, IRT will then communicate to the registration body that the student has successfully passed the review process.

Feel free to contact IRT on (0) 151 486 5120 should you require any further information.

More information is also available here:

Please Note: The online booking system closes one working day prior to the event, in some cases it is still possible to take bookings over the phone when the event is closed.

Cost Breakdown

£1250.00 plus VAT

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