1.5million cold homes in Scotland

A new report by the Existing Homes Alliance has been published in Scotland urging the Political Parties to commit to the end of cold homes by 2025. The data suggests that there are up to 1.5m homes which are classified as being cold. This is based on the EPC rating being below a C.

It is highlighted that in some constituencies more than 75% of households are in band D to G. This may be reflected by the fact that many may be off grid; but the nature of the findings are still very worrying.

With recent connections to health and the savings that the NHS benefit from warmer homes; this additional research just highlights the fact that millions of families around the UK are living in poorly insulated homes and must deal with the threat of choosing between heating and other living expenses.

Elmhurst have long advocated for people to use the EPC data wisely. It should be used by Governments at the macro level, and by individuals at the micro level. The fact is, that is we all win, if we all ‘use less energy’.

Stuart Fairlie – Head of Technical

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