GO Capture, for evidence photographs, site notes and floor plans

Integrates with RdSAP GO Android And FREE FOR MEMBERS 

GO Capture, for your mobile Android device, saves time spent managing and categorising all of the evidence you need to complete an RdSAP property assessment. Once downloaded, GO Capture integrates fully with RdSAP GO to allow the seamless switch between assessment data and evidence collection.

What’s more, it’s easy to use and designed to fit with your way of working. Use it whilst completing an assessment via a mobile device or using hand written notes. Simply download the application and begin cataloguing your photographic images, floor plans and notes as you capture them.

Saves valuable time by:

  • Grouping evidence by property. Just press ‘go’ when you start collecting evidence and ‘end’ when you leave the location.
  • Automatically stamping evidence with time, date and GPS.
  • Adding labels and annotations to evidence at the click of a button (just select 'roof', 'walls' etc).
  • Providing automatic photo catalogue and annotation.
  • Capturing site notes and floor plans as photographic images
  • Collating evidence under a unique property reference number.
  • Allowing quick and easy evidence report creation.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible and simple to use for organising, managing and retrieving evidence.
  • Eliminates site note and floor plan scanning.
  • Upload files directly to our online ‘Evidence’ application.
  • Simplifies QA evidence submissions and provides helpful evidence prompts.


*Minimum specification for Android devices: Android 4.0 and above. We recommend a Dual-core 1.3Ghz processor with 16GB Storage.

Integrates with our Evidence and RdSAP GO software.



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