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GO mobile with our growing range of applications designed especially for domestic energy assessors.

Our mobile software for domestic energy assessors is reliable, intuitive and growing fast. It's an unusual pledge for an accreditation body, but we want to offer a better choice of mobile software to suit your needs rather than leading you down a choice in technology that suits ours.

That's why Elmhurst's mobile software is now available for iPads and iPhones, which run on an iOS operating system, as well as for a host of tablets and smart phones which are running on an Android operating system.

FREE to download and use

Our mobile software (with the exception of Sketch) is FREE for members. There is no charge for the calculation and no charge for evidence capture. The only time you pay is a when lodging your EPC.

Our professional Energy Assessor Mobile Software is available for energy assessors and businesses alike.

Being efficient on-site also means knowing that you can input data and capture evidence in a sequence that suits you and the various properties you are visiting. You have the option by using Elmhurst's GO Capture, our Free app for capturing and organising evidence, alongside Elmhurst's RdSAP GO, to gather and catalogue your evidence efficiently, in the order of your choice. This brings valuable and time-saving assistance with QA.

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