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Elmhurst Energy has continued to ask why the Every Home Matters report (AKA Bonfield Report)  has still not been published and every time we are told that it's "finished" and  "it'll be issued next month". Nine months after its original promised date I suspect that many Elmhurst members believe it will never happen, and that pay-as-you-save has been kicked into the long grass.

At Elmhurst we believe that pay-as-you-save can work for energy efficiency measures and whilst Green Deal was an obvious flop it was because the process and timing were wrong, not the principle. We did our best to help bring the scheme back on track by inputting to the Green Deal Advisory Forum, representing the views of Energy Assessors, but the decisions and bureaucracy surrounding consumer credit and funding had already been set, and that was the downfall.

As we approach Christmas there is some hope that maybe, just maybe, something is to be announced. Elmhurst has just been invited to a review of the Code of Practice and PAS 2030 which has been convened by the recently reawakened Green Deal Orb (GDOrb). Notice for next week's meeting was very short, which perhaps suggests that a deadline has been set.

Elmhurst will be there to represent the views of Members and energy assessors at large. We will continue to push Energy Assessors to be at the heart of pay-as-you-save and , above all, for a simple, householder focussed process.

We will, of course, publish information as soon as we hear it

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